I am not up to date..

Looking at http://p2pool.org/ I see not only BitCoin storage, but also  FeatherCoin, LiteCoin, MemeCoin, Terra; FreiCoin, LottoCoin and other stuff..

Whew.. I did not think that there are so many crypto currencies out there.

I found this because my honeypot captured a link to ( e66eb75f05328783c23745ef9d573de1 )

(I mentioned this program earlier (x86), but with a different md5-hash..)

Looking at the “x86” program one can find the installation of a miner for “MinCoins”, storing them at p2pool.org.

I am wondering why not even one of the virustotal-engines thinks, that this is malware..


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  1. Hola! Very Nice website man!

  2. Why isn’t there more talk of Zetacoin? Please do an article on it. The community support for it is getting huge right now, YouTubeVideos, exchanges, loads of projects… It’s dirt cheap on Cryptsy/Bter atm, grab a bunch for $10 and watch it go up to $100 in a few weeks. Thank me later.

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